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Aug. 2nd, 2012

mamma mia

Theme: Nerds

Yes, you read the subject line right. And no, this post is not about candy. From Star Wars to Star Trek, from comic books to cult classics (Rocky Horror, anyone?), more and more nerds are taking inspiration from their favorite obsessions to create their dream weddings. Star Wars fans can get married as Han Solo and Princess Leia (or Anakin and Amidala), while their bridal party holds up lightsabers for the happy couple to walk under. Fans of comic books and/or superhero films, however, can dress up as their favorite costumed characters (and ask their bridal party and even their guests to dress up as well). Even gamers are getting in on it, bringing to life the worlds of WoW or Minecraft for their nuptials (I've even seen people use Katamari as their theme). The point is, if you and your intended have something nerd-like you both enjoy, and you want your big day to be as unique and memorable as the two of you, I highly recommend making it your theme and having lots of fun with it. :)

Jul. 26th, 2012

mamma mia

Theme: Winter Wonderland

Let's say your wedding takes place in the chilly months of winter. Your first instinct may be to have a white wedding, and that's fine, but I would recommend throwing in some silver, blue, pink, or even pale yellow to break up the monochrome (or for a more dramatic color combination, try white and red). You can even incorporate the aurora borealis into your big day by using uplighting in various, changing colors. As for decorations, you can take inspiration from classic winter symbols, such as snowflakes and poinsettias, or you can drape some bare trees with crystals or lights. And speaking of lights, don't be afraid to use holiday lights in your decor. For favors, you could try personalized ornaments, snowglobes, snowflake keychains, snowflake-shaped cookies, or even hot cocoa mix. (For more ideas on this type of wedding, please visit here.)

Jul. 16th, 2012

mamma mia

Theme: Halloween

Want a Halloween shindig without turning your big day into a horror movie set? Well, you could try some orange uplighting, black tablecloths, and black chair covers with orange sashes. And to further decorate the tables, I would recommend some classic symbols of Halloween, such as jack-o-lanterns*, fall foliage, and candy corn, or maybe some orange or black flowers. For attire, you might want to consider orange bridesmaids' dresses (or orange with touches of black), orange ties or vests for the gentlemen, and a white dress with a touch of black or orange for the bride. For wedding favors, you could give your guests little plastic pumpkins full of candy or other little goodies (or, if you've got the time and energy, you can hollow out miniature pumpkins for a homemade touch -- though, first, you might want to line the insides with plastic wrap, otherwise the candy will smell like pumpkin).

* I would suggest real jack-o-lanterns, but there's so much that can go wrong, especially if you have rugrats running around your venue. So, to be on the safe side, I strongly recommend using plastic or ceramic jack-o-lanterns.

Jul. 15th, 2012

mamma mia

Theme: Fairy Tales

Every girl dreams of a fairy tale wedding, so why not customize your big day by drawing inspiration from a specific fairy tale? You can model your wedding after Cinderella, complete with ball gown and horse-drawn carriage, or you can go for an "under the sea" affair inspired by The Little Mermaid. However, if Snow White is more your thing, you can easily incorporate apples into the wedding favors and/or refreshments (apple martini, anyone?), and maybe use mirrors in your decorations (for more ideas on this theme, please visit here).

Or, if traditional fairy tales aren't for you, maybe Alice in Wonderland is more your style. Whether an indoor or outdoor wedding, many couples seem take inspiration from the Mad Hatter's garden party, and I've even seen places set aside for a croquet game inspired by the Queen of Hearts (complete with flamingo mallets). For more ideas on bringing to life the Lewis Carroll classic, please visit here.

Jul. 12th, 2012

mamma mia

Theme: Broadway

Want to make a literal Broadway production out of your wedding day? If so, you might want to consider formatting your programs like a theatre program, with the "players" of the big day listed like a cast of characters; in fact, you can even model your programs after a Playbill (as pictured here and here). And for invitations, you can design them like a ticket (pictured here and here), put theatre masks on them, design a poster "promoting" your wedding, or simply make one with a Playbill-type cover.

Or if you prefer the glitz and glamour of Hollywood over the bright lights of Broadway, you can easily adapt these suggestions for your own wedding. For instance, invitations can be designed like movie tickets rather than theatre tickets, wedding programs can be inspired by a movie script instead of Playbill, and you can still design a poster for your wedding, either for invitations, decorations, or favors for your guests.

Jul. 10th, 2012

mamma mia

Theme: Underwater

For those considering an underwater-themed affair (or a mermaid-themed wedding, or even an indoor "beach" wedding), you may want to consider some blue or turquoise uplighting to give your guests an underwater feel (that is, if your venue will allow it, of course). But if you don't want to make them feel like they're drowning in blue, you could try mixing in some purple uplighting as well (pictured here and here), or maybe some green.

To further create an underwater feel, you can use blue or turquoise tablecloths and chair covers, then decorate the tables with coral centerpieces, seashells, or even blue or turquoise flowers. As for wedding attire, you can opt for a mermaid dress, or simply choose a dress that's blue or has blue on it (that is, if you want to carry the theme to your attire; it's totally up to you).